About Yowu
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New Gen Electronics
Yowu stands at the forefront of digital innovation,
designing an exclusive range of electronic products for the dynamic and fashion-forward Gen-Z consumers.
Inspired by the vibrant realms of gaming and cyberspace, we are commited to create more unparalleled product experiences for fans worldwide in the new era.
Yowu Redefines
Electronic Fashion
The cyber electronic age has come. New forms of
electronic products are destined to challenge the existed.
We are devoted to lead in this revolution.
Collaborating with a diverse array of global talents, we continuously drive innovation at the intersection of
technology and fashion.
『Yowu products are not just electronics.
They are fashion statements.』
We want all fans to believe in them.
Create With Influencers
In our quest to redefine style and innovation, we have joined forces with an illustrious ensemble of digital influencers worldwide. This extensive network has been instrumental in cultivating a myriad of captivating Yowu styles.
Manga Exhibition
We have sponsored hundreds of major manga exhibitions in Asia. In these sponsored events, Yowu customers are able to receive many exclusive benefits such as entering events for free by wearing Yowu headphones. We plan to sponsor more events globally in the future.
Retail Channels
Other than online stores like Amazon and Yowu.com,
we also sell through offline retailers such as Animate.
We plan to expand to more retail channels in the future.